By synthesizing pieces of clothing and accessories of the most varied origins to assemble a harmonic, interesting whole that enables the creation of new and unusual combinations, we design products that are smart, original, and of the highest quality.

Our collections consist primarily of dress shirts and accessories for men and women.

Depending on your location, various other products and services may be offered. We continue to expand on our product lines to ensure your Ultimate Satisfaction.

Register your company for your staff to shop in our stores at corporate rates year-round.

For corporate gift ideas to perpetuate your brand image and give your organization a lasting impression with your staff and customers or for special occasions (weddings, festivals, etc), we are a partner of excellence in conceptualizing, designing and producing uniquely branded products.

Ask us about corporate dresses, school uniforms and special garments, e.g. lawyer’s gowns and we will be pleased to provide quality custom tailoring for your corporate organization’s needs. You will also find our shirts and accessories, available in all hues and colours, checks and stripes are perfect uniforms for your public relations staff (receptionists, corporate meet-and-greet staff, catering staff and others who are your public face). Gift vouchers are also available.

Please contact for your specific needs.

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For purchases that exceed a threshold, free delivery will automatically apply and you will be notified at checkout.

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